Availability of Legal steroids at stores such as GNC, Vitamin Shoppes and Wal-mart

I was asked by a bunch of guys whether I was aware if stores such as Vitamin Shoppe and Wal-Mart had legal steroids that could be purchased over the counter. I was curious myself, so one day I decided to do a quick drive-by, drop into these stores, have a chat with the employees there and see if they had anything to recommend.

Once there, however, I was straightforwardly told that they do not sell any steroids, prescription or otherwise. The reason why, however, did surprise me.


The reason why GNC can’t sell steroids

Because they simply cannot! That is the most obvious answer mainly due to the fact that they are not a pharmacy. Under US law, all legal steroids must be sold against a prescription which is why stores such as GNC and others are not permitted to sell them.

Another reason is that since 2001 anabolic drugs have been banned for consumption in the US making it illegal to buy these substances over the counter. That being said, there are several products which are marketed here as alternatives for steroids, although these aren’t the real deal.

Manufacturers widely promote these products as legal anabolics, which in reality are sold in the form of body mass gainers, amino acid building products and protein shakes.


The Legal Steroids Sold In Vitamin Shoppe and Wal-Mart

Here, too, the story is pretty much the same. When I interacted with the staff at Vitamin Shoppe and Wal-Mart, I received replies similar to the ones I got from the guys at GNC — that they don’t have any legal steroids for sale.

The reps, however, did provide me with a few recommendations sold as steroid alternatives.

Instead of weight gainers, their recommendation was along the likes of testosterone boosters and HGH supplements. These supplements (although branded as testosterone boosters) are not known to increase testosterone and the growth hormone, but are instead designed to produce results that are ‘similar’ to the “real thing”.

The Alternatives Available

There are a few supplements available in the open market that can help gain results closer to the effect of steroids. However, these are not sold at Wal-Mart, Vitamin Shoppe or GNC but sold online.

Crazy Bulk is one such supplier that has different stacks of all-natural ingredients without any pharmaceutical compounds on offer that work similar to legal steroids.

I then went on to purchase and test products that include Bulking Stack and Cutting Stack and did see some great results. Crazy Bulk is highly recommended for guys that are looking to gain mass and strength as it is packed with 4 types of supplements helpful to ectomorphs.

For guys looking to trim down, the Crazy Bulk is an excellent supplement for cutting stacks which tremendously helps lose any excess weight while retaining lean muscle.

In Conclusion

It can be potentially dangerous to use steroids and I would not recommend them. That being said, there are millions of guys out there looking for alternatives/legal steroids to push ahead of the competition. In this case, Crazy Bulk Stack is one such supplement that goes a long way.